The central aim of the assessment is to gain an understanding of your difficulties, and to find the best way forward for you.

I make the assessment process a therapeutic experience in itself, which means that I will help you to manage any symptoms that arise as we talk. This will help you to build the skills necessary to alleviate your difficulties right from the beginning.  

From the assessment we will begin to build a personal formulation of your difficulties. The aim of the formulation is to map out your difficulties in an understandable way by linking patterns of experience together.

The assessment is also an opportunity for you to assess me and my style of working with you. Ensuring that you feel in capable hands is an essential ingredient for effective therapy. To aid this, I work in an open and transparent manner, which means that there is purpose behind everything I ask or say, and if you would like to know more then all you need to do is ask.

A typical assessment session takes place over 90 minutes. Sometimes a longer assessment session of 2 to 3 hours is useful for clients wishing ISTDP treatment, but this is not essential and will depend upon your needs.

At the end of the assessment we will discuss whether therapy is right for you and arrange the best plan forward for your needs. If I do not believe psychological therapy or I are not best placed to help you, I will be open and honest with you about this.


Understand your difficulties

Therapeutic from the beginning

Learn to manage symptoms

Build skills

Make links

Create a personal formulation

An open and transparent process

90 minute assessment typical

3 hours for extended assessment

Establish whether therapy is right for you

Create the best plan forward

Psychological Therapy

There is a vast array of therapeutic approaches. In the process of reviewing which approach is best, it is important to recognise that each approach has a tendency to highlight particular concepts whilst ignoring or paying less attention to others. As such, each approach will have its strengths and limitations. I favour an approach known as Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), which is a form of Experiential Dynamic therapy (EDT) that offers a flexible base for treating a wide range of difficulties.

At all times, I will use my knowledge, expertise and experience to tailor therapy to meet your needs. Together we will aim for transformation and resolution of your difficulties; beyond surviving your problems, towards a life well lived, with inner confidence, meaning, vitality and strength.

Sessions tend to be an hour, or an hour and a half, weekly or fortnightly, depending on your needs.  How long we work together is your choice and will depend on what you would like to achieve. We will evaluate your progress as we go. You are not obligated to attend any set number of sessions.

Psychological Therapy

Therapy tailored to meet your needs

Session length typically 60 to 90 minutes

Session frequency typically weekly or fortnightly

Open or fixed number of sessions

Progress regularly reviewed